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Endodontic Referrals

Where do we practice?

We currently operate our practice through two locations:
  • Chase Side - London and Berkhamsted Practices

The Chase Side Practice

The practice is situated about fifty yards from Southgate underground station which is on the Piccadilly line.

If you are driving, the best place to leave your car is in the Asda supermarket car park shown on the map. This is about 100 yds from the practice. Parking is free for two hours.

Bus Services
The bus station close by is served by bus numbers W9, W6, 121, 125, 298 and 299.

Berkamsted Practice

The practice is 1 mile from the A41 in the centre of Berkhamsted. There is a large car park behind the practice and the main line station which serves the line to Euston is 400 metres away.

About the practices

The Endodontic Referral Practice treats patients with endodontic (root canal) problems on a referral only basis. We normally do not see patients unless they have been referred by another practitioner although exceptions are sometimes made. Patients will be returned to the referring practitioner at the end of root canal treatment for definitive restoration of the tooth (normally a crown but sometimes a filling).

Consultation appointments are not always necessary for patients referred by a dental practitioner although I am happy to make one if you wish to discuss the treatment beforehand. I normally suggest that a consultation appointment is made prior to embarking on root canal retreatment (redoing a root canal treatment that has failed) or before doing a surgical procedure.

These types of treatment are more complicated and tend to have a more uncertain prognosis. Most primary root canal treatment (if the tooth has not been root canal treated before) can be done in one visit. Root canal retreatments are often better done over two visits. Treatment visits tend to be long due the complex work involved. They are normally of one to two hours duration.