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Endodontic Referrals

Endodontic Dental Practice

All of the following cases have been completed by myself in practice; please do not copy them and pretend that they are your own.

  • Clinical case 1b Clinical case 1a Lower premolars often have complex anatomy; this lower 5 has three canals.
  • Clinical case 2b Clinical case 2a Upper first molars frequently have four canals; it is not common to see them this clearly.
  • Clinical case 3b Clinical case 3a An instrument had broken in this lower 5 during previous root canal treatment: it has been removed and the tooth retreated.
  • Clinical case 4b Clinical case 4a This immature incisor has an immature apex; the tooth has been root canal retreated.
  • Clinical case 5c Clinical case 5b Clinical case 5a A post has perforated the side of this upper incisor; the post tip was removed surgically and the perforation repaired. The last radiograph demonstrates hard tissue healing after six months.